Hi, my name is Jill and I am a medium and healer.  I have been aware of the spirit world from a very early age and have been privileged  to know my guides who are always on hand to assist me in all areas of my life.  However they do not impinge their ideas or will on me as I have free will, but I have often found their wisdom to be sound and by following their advice I have been blessed.  


I have been a platform medium since 1991 having trained with many mediums and healers over the years and have learned a great deal from them all and am grateful for their wisdom.  But there is nothing quite like learning lessons from our own life experiences, and it has been my experience that spirituality is not something you can learn from a book.  You learn from living and experiencing life with all its challenges.  However we often learn a great deal by our own and others'  mistakes and indeed success.


By looking within our own being we discover who we truly are and what our greatest potential for good is.


It is my aim to help you to see the spirituality in living a life through LOVE.  

Every day I  endeavour to practice

The Spirituality of Living


The Spirituality of Living embraces all, acknowledges diversity,

accepts change and shares experiences as individuals and as a whole.