The aura is the energy field that exists within and around the body.  Everyone who lives has one without exception and contains everything that we have  ever experienced.  It contains the sum  total of who we are, our past, present, dreams and desires.  This energy field protects us and acts as a magnet for more energy.  It is always moving and changing responding to our thoughts and feelings.


Some people can see the aura and its colours and patterns naturally, but this skill can also be developed.  


Your aura is unique and like a snapshot in time can reveal much information that can help you to understand why and how you tick.  It can indicate whether the body is healthy or lacking in vitality and is an emotional barometer that can tell if you are happy or sad, peaceful or angry.


Auragraphs are the pictorial representation of those colours and forms and contain symbolic references to the spiritual aspects of your being.  







£30 for 30 mins





Special Rates for Party Host with 5 or more full fee paying guests