Being in the moment is imperative these days of fast living and with so much distraction.  Allowing the senses to attune to your surroundings and to feel the presence of nature as well as to see and hear it will become more important as we move on in our spiritual journey.  We often only use our seeing and hearing senses, and leave out one of our most important ones to FEEL.  


Once upon a time we used this sense in order to stay alive; today so much is done for us that we have forgotten it even exists until we are called upon to utilize it.  We often hear how those who have lost the use of their eyes or ears or even limbs compensate by developing another sense, that of feeling, intuiting where space and time meet.


If we go into the silence we can reach out with these senses and experience our surroundings in a very different and vital way.  By using our feeling sense to reach out into nature it is possible for us to experience and interact with our fellow beings in their everyday existence.  Often we forget we are not alone in this world.  We call the Earth "this world of ours" in the mistaken belief that we "own" it, we don't.  In fact we co-exist in a world that is so diverse and magnificent we could not be further from the truth than to say that the Earth belongs to us and that we have a right to dictate how other living things or creatures should co-exist with us.  Take away our technology and we are on an even playing field where we are vulnerable.  We are so used to destruction we forget we are also gardeners with the knowledge and ability to create new and prosperous conditions for all to live well.


It is now the time for us to change.  This change must be embraced for we can no longer avoid it whether we believe we can or not, because change is here, now.  We are being asked to finally look into ourselves and FIND THE LOVE that resides there constantly within our very light being.  Indeed we are BEINGS OF LIGHT and colour - HUMANS.  


If you want to change, read on and welcome.


The Spirituality of Living is Love